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Unity and teamwork concept as a business


What kind of culture do you want to build within your team?

Let's help your team work better together.

Developing Healthy Teams
Healthy and cohesive teams are psychologically safe, generate more innovative ideas, make informed decisions, and perform better.
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Team Solutions
working better together

A team's culture is comprised of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. It's how team members collaborate and interact with each other and get things done. 
Team Culture Checklist:
  • Are team discussions healthy and productive?
  • Is the team focused on common goals and results?
  • Does the team value diversity of input and thought?
  • Does the team have established structure and process?
  • Does the team enjoy working with each other?
Team Culture & Performance
Bob Lewis has been helping teams identify and enhance critical aspects of team culture and performance for over 20 years. 
  • Establishing an environment of trust within the team
  • Communicating with candor and transparency to generate necessary and meaningful team dialogue
  • Balancing confidence and humility
  • Achieving buy-in and support of team goals
  • Taking responsibility and ownership for individual and team member actions and behaviors
  • Effective and efficient decision-making
  • Staying focused on results
focused team sessions
The bottom line: better meetings equal better results. Does your upcoming meeting need a professional facilitator?
Maximize your team's time together with structured process and purposeful dialogue. I design and facilitate sessions to ensure your team accomplishes what needs to be achieved.
Facilitation Services include:
  • Purpose, vision, values

  • Change leadership

  • Design thinking

  • ​Ideation / brainstorming

  • Design thinking

  • Innovation

  • New leader assimilation

  • Focus groups

  • Process improvement

  • Strategic decision making

  • Executive and board retreats

  • Project planning

Bob Lewis has been designing and facilitating successful meetings and retreats for over 20 years. 
I'll design and facilitate meetings and retreats of any size. ​
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Executive and Leadership Team Dialogue

Foster healthy team dialogue, awareness, and build commitment around the mind-sets and behaviors necessary for teams to achieve a higher level of performance.

Let's discuss a Healthy Teams Session for your executive or leadership team.
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